Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Entrepreneurs Need a Vacation, too! 5 Ways to Have a Break this Holiday

The holidays may be a golden time for shoppers because of amazing discounts at online wholesale shoes stores and fashion boutiques. But the sudden increase of enthusiastic buyers can be a little overwhelming for small businessmen and start up entrepreneurs.

A good amount of rest from the daily stress of owning a shoe business can help entrepreneurs perform better and think more clearly. While it’s ideal to just pack your suitcase and book your ticket to your favorite Holiday destination, most start-up entrepreneurs can’t afford that kind of luxury. There is always so much to do and stepping out of the door and leaving everything behind is sometimes just too much.

However, Holiday season is definitely not the best time to be stressed out. Here are some of tips you can do to get a simple but well deserved break this time of the year:

1. Plan ahead
Even before the Holiday rush kicks in, make sure you have a clear idea about your plans and goals for your wholesale shoes business. Jot down a marketing strategy, get new stocks and redesign your store, but don’t forget to include Holiday vacation and breaks in your schedule. Have the decision to reward yourself and your team for all your hard work and look forward to it everyday!

2. Get an extra hand
Are you expecting an increase in volume of customers this Holidays? Bring more people in your team to accommodate more shoppers. Adding someone behind the counter will help avoid having long queues, and having another temporary shoe clerk is a great help in assisting a large crowd.

3. Plan Fun Holiday Events
This time, it’s not just about your customers. Plan an event where everyone in your company can have fun. Keep the celebration small, but fun and meaningful. Thank everyone in your team and give rewards when it is due. Bring in delicious food and enjoy the blessings you had the past year.

4. Train another “You”!
While it’s not easy to trust your staff to handle the store themselves, doing so can buy you some time to relax and de-stress. Train your most competitive employee about the things to do in your business and how they can help whenever you need to take some time off for coffee dates or over the weekend vacation.

There is a ton of stress that comes with the holiday season and a business can definitely add that much more. Remember to simplify things as you get busier and know when to take a break whenever necessary.

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