Friday, September 20, 2013

Updating Your Shoe Inventory This Fall? Here are Some Quick Tips

Just few more months and the holiday rush will officially kick in. Ladies will start making their holiday wish list and moms will soon be buying gifts for the families and friends. But before we approach the busiest time of the year for retailers around the world, let us take the remaining days of September to jazz up your shoe store by updating your shoe inventory and display.

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Order in advance

As the trend changes, you want to make sure to be the first to offer the new styles of shoes to your customers. However, your competitors might be thinking of the same thing! Get ahead of the competition by calling your wholesale shoes suppliers about your orders. It’s also great to build a good business relationship with different suppliers to be constantly updated with the new items. This way you can make your order in advance and ask it to be delivered in time for your store update.

Clear off season shoes

As the weather gets colder, you won’t probably sell open toe shoes and other summery footwear. Make sure to get rid of them by putting them on sale or by creating a small space in your store for off season items.

Watch out for new trends

Fashion blogs, websites, celebrity shows, magazines and news are good sources information about the latest when it comes to shoe trends. This will help you get to know your products well and will help you understand what you’re customers are looking for. As you try to familiarize yourself with the different designs and colors that look fashionable this season, you can also learn more techniques on how you can sell it to your visitors.

Get trendy ones but keep the classics

Younger ladies will probably look for the latest in shoes, but older ladies will probably stick to something comfortable and familiar. Create a section where ladies can look at the latest in your store, but always have an area where women can find their most trusted brands and styles. You can order different types of wholesale shoes to create variety and to cater to wider customers in your store.

Take time to update your business before the holidays with these simple tips!

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