Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Display Your Shoes the Right Way

For those who love to shop on wholesale shoes sites, having to store footwear can be a challenge. Where do you keep your hundred or so pairs? Would you need a separate closet or room just for shoes?

Here are some options you can use to store and display your shoes:

Level shelves

What they are: This type of storage is the open type of storage. It can be directly placed against the wall or you can buy one that is already pre-assembled.  It can come in different lengths and widths.

Pros:  You can stack up as many as you want if you have a big space to place it. 

Cons: Installing it can be quite a challenge.  You would need a leveler as well as a drill to be able to install it properly.  Not being able to do so might cause the shelf to be unbalanced. Also, since it has no cover, your shoes can be seen and dust can easily gather around it.

Closets or Cabinets


What they are: This type of storage is a closed type and can come in different heights and sizes.

Pros: You can keep your collection that you got from the wholesale shoes sale away from the people.  It can also protect your shoes from being a dust magnet.

Cons: You would have to clean the shoe before storing it in the closet and making sure that it is dry.   You also need to freshen up the closet once in a while to get rid of the smell.

Individual clear boxes

What they are: These are usually made of plastic so that you can see the shoes stored inside the box.

Pros: You need not open each box when looking for a certain shoe as you can see which pair is  in what box.

Cons: It can be quite expensive especially when you got a lot of shoes from the wholesale shoes section.

Tilted shelves


What they are: These are shelves wherein the storage level is tilted downwards facing the user.

Pros: You can easily see the shoes that are lined up because the shoes are facing you.  Choosing the perfect pair of shoes to go with your outfit is easy and can be done in a snap.

Cons: It may need a lot of wall space where it can be placed against.  Also, since it is open, dust can settle in the shoes which means you need to clean everything once a week.

Suspended shoe racks


What they are: This type of storage is one that you can hang in your closet or a space provided you have a rod where you can hang it. You can even hang it behind a door!

Pros: It can be mobile and you can change the location easily.

Cons: It can only store a limited number of shoes because of the limited design it has.  Also, transferring the whole thing to a different location may need some work as you would have to bring down all the shoes first before you can transfer the contraption.

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