Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Driving a "Wedge" in Your Shoe Collection

It's a woman's prerogative to own a number of shoes in different styles - may they be pumps, wedges, sneakers, or training shoes. One of the most sought after wholesale shoes for the past years are wedges. Though chunky, wholesale wedges have become a fashion statement because they can be easily paired up with any outfit. And now that we're getting into the warmer months, chunky heeled open-toed shoes and sandals are getting more prominence in wholesale shoe displays once again.

However, though they are perfect with most ensembles, there are still a few tips the ladies who love wearing them must consider in wearing wholesale wedges. Read on and find out:
  • Wholesale shoes such as wedges don’t normally fit with ultra-tight jeans or any tight-fitting clothes. It draws attention to your legs and the bulkiness of the wedge, the type of attention you don’t want to draw to yourself. Unless you're model stick thin, you are going to look very bulky or worse, like an overly stuffed encased sausage with tight clothes and wedge footwear.

  • Slingback wedges can look good on women with thick ankles. Women with thin-looking ankles will look very awkward on these types of wholesale shoes. The effect is opposite with ladies who have thick ankles. Compared with chunky wedges, their thick ankles would appear slimmer, which should make them look better. 

  • Strappy wedges can go well with long skirts that reach just below your knees. Additionally, wedges are the best match for dresses, wrap up skirts, and flare bottom pants. They achieve a classic look that is sophisticated and attention grabbing.

  • Espadrilles are wedges made of canvas and are perfect with denim and pants. These wholesale shoes are available in open-toe, closed toe, and slip on styles. Espadrilles would look beautiful with pants that have flared bottoms or with dresses, completing a carefree look perfect for the summer (or even spring). 

  • Though wholesale wedge shoes are often used for casual days or events, they can also be worn to work. However, opt for closed-toe wedges for a more formal outfit that invites respect and authority. Of course, other rules for more formal footwear apply - nothing too flashy, more subdued designs, and nothing noisy!
Wedges are best worn during summer. However, they can also be worn all year round. Just like any wholesale shoes, proper care is a must for this type of footwear to live a longer life.

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