Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What Wholesale Shoes Should Be Worn

When selling wholesale shoes, it’s important to have a unique and distinct selection to offer customers because most people are looking for a store that offers a variety of merchandise that can’t be found anywhere else. Additionally, when planning a store’s wholesale shoe collection, it’s important to factor in the activities that your clients are typically involved in because having the right selection will lure customers in and help increase sells. Here’s a quick guide:

Everyday Shoes 

Women, especially moms, are very active and usually always on-the-go. They run errands, do household chores and are constantly trying to keep up with their kids. Sneakers are perfect for these types of consumers because sneakers are comfortable and durable, which is great for moms and active women who are always on their feet.

Wholesale High Heels 

Fashionable high heels or pumps make every woman feel sexy and attractive. High heels are perfect for evening occasions and formal events. Similarly, pumps create an unforgettable look that any girl’s friends will envy and desire.

Wholesale Flats 

Although flats look simple, they are very fashionable. Pairing flat shoes with a skirt creates the Audrey Hepburn-look of the fifties and sixties. For women who stand all day, flats are perfect because they prevent calves from aching after a whole day of walking.

Wholesale Boots

Boots are bestsellers throughout the entire year. It is important to know that most women prefer to have at least two pairs of boots. Not only are boots functional, but they are extremely stylish too. Ankle boots are perfect for jeans and tall boots are great for winter. Remember, it doesn’t have to be winter for women to sport boots. Boots are worn all-year long, although not so much during the summer months.

Women’s different roles require different pairs of wholesale shoes. Overall it’s essential that a store carries shoes that are functional and fashionable because women like style and comfort when it comes to their feet.

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