Friday, June 21, 2013

4 Marketing Tips for Your Shoe Store This Summer

After looking at blogs, fashion websites and celebrity updates to look for what’s hot in the shoe industry we’re pretty sure that your store is all ready to take in new and old customers for their summer shoe shopping. But before anything else, you have to make sure that you are equipped with the right marketing strategies that can give your customers a summer worth remembering.

Women's Shoe Store

While summer brings about good mood and high spirits, this is the perfect time to create lasting customer relationships with your customers. With the right products and unbeatable customer service made more prominent with right marketing strategies, your women's shoe store will be one of the go to place for shoe lovers even after the summer is over.

Have a Breath of Fresh Air
Do you aim to get your brand to be more popular to shopaholics and shoe lovers? Don’t wait for them to get to know you or visit your store. Go where they spend their vacation and offer them exactly what they need. 

While everyone is enjoying the summer breeze, why not give your store a breath of fresh air by going out of your store and selling your shoes in kiosk in beach resorts, shopping malls, or different summer trade show. This way, you can get the attention of your target market and have a feel of what customers need and want around your area.

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Treat Your Customer to Some Summer Fun
This is especially applicable to large shoe outlets or wholesale women’s shoe store and other medium sized business that has the budget and the time for an enjoyable summer activity. Think of an event where you can gather your loyal customers for a night of just pure fun and celebration. Host a party with a local celebrity or a band and get everyone dancing with their favorite summer shoes on. With an unforgettable party, your brand will surely be unforgettable as well.

Experience summer in your business
Summer means fun so why not take that as an excuse to add some summer feel in your website, newsletters, packaging and posters. This way you can celebrate the season with your customers and invite them to make affordable and quality shoes a part of their summer getaway.

Summer Promos and Discounts
If you love shopping for shoes, it means you also love discounts and other exciting promos. Treat your shoe loving friends to some easy and awesome discount promos that will allow them to hoard up with different summer shoes that will last until next year. Let them enjoy your summer collection and reward them with giveaways until they fall in love with your shoe brands and other offerings.

In the end, it’s always about building customer ties and impressive brand image. If you are able to freshen up customer relationships through these marketing strategies you will be sure that your lady friends will love you beyond any season.

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