Friday, June 14, 2013

Store Signage: Talk to Your Customers the Right Way

When it comes to shoe store signage, there is handful of ways to get your messages to customers creatively. However, more often than not, businessmen use unclear and vague ways to send out the things that they want to say. As a result, customers become confused and inhibited in trying out certain products just because of poorly written store signage.

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When done correctly, you can maximize your efforts in creating effective store signage and experience increased sales in just a short period of time. But how do you really know if you’re signage is effective and catchy?

Short and to the point
There are messages that use 20 words but can be improved and summarize just by using 10 or so words. Avoid using flowery and unfamiliar words in describing new shoe products. Keep it short and straight to the point. This way you can get your message across before your customers turn to something else. Especially when the competition is tight and you are surrounded by other wholesale shoestores, short and catchy messages can give you a considerable edge against your competitors.

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Use easy to read fonts
Since your goal is to have your store signs readable in the shortest possible time, simple bold fonts can greatly help in creating your messages. Make sure that the colors as well as the materials used in creating your store signs all contribute in creating a catchy message.

Keep it Personal
Using “you” or “your” helps in making messages more personal and communicative. Talk to them like an old friend or someone who understand their needs when it comes to fashionable footwear. Promote new shoes through messages that will make them imagine how it is to wear your brands. This way they will feel more connected to your store and your products.

Have fun
Fashion is made for women who love to enjoy great things as well as trendy yet affordable wholesale women’s shoes. Create messages that can reflect your customer’s lifestyle and fashion sense. Make jokes or witty lines part of your signage and create lasting impression.

Test your signs
After putting up a new store sign or posters, it is important to check if you can get your desired effect. Walk in front of your store or try reading it from longer distance to see if it is still readable. Ask your friends or staffs for their opinion and make the necessary adjustment when needed.

Lastly, the key to effective store signs is by being imaginative and creative. Remember also that your signage main goal is to get people into buying your products so it must tell them why they need to make a purchase. Play around and keep your store signs fresh. Sooner or later, you’ll know what works for your target market as you understand them better along the way. 

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