Friday, June 28, 2013

Wholesale Bumper Shoes to Include in Your Store this Season

Women mostly look for two things when it comes to their shoes – functionality and style. Although other brands sell high fashion shoes, they sometimes lack the functionality and quality that fashion savvy ladies are looking for. While other brands boast of having trendiest shoes or affordable footwear, there are brands that strive to create shoes that fit the spirit of stylish women but have the right functionality to fit their lifestyle.

Bumper Shoes specializes in affordable fashion trendy women shoes. Everything from pumps, boots, sandals, heels, you name it. It also comes in a variety of styles like studded, fringed, ruffled, and fur-lined. They also have ultra-hip booties, chic wedges, flats, and pumps. Above all else, these shoes can be worn without having to break the bank.

Bumber shoes are also well known as a being widely available in different online shops as well as in shopping malls and boutiques in the US. If you want to include Bumper shoes in your shoe store selection here are some wholesale shoes for women that look great on your display window.
Wholesale Single Sole Shoes
Wholesale Single Sole Sandals
The sleek design of these sandals will surely capture any girl’s attention. It is available in different shades of color blocked designs. It has reliable high heels that can offer the best support while still looking feminine with the thin ankle straps.
Dog Face Flats
 Cute Dog Face Flats
Trendy shoes can’t get any more fun than this. With an adorable dog face design; these shoes will surely capture the hearts of those who love dogs and flats. This kind of shoes is especially appealing for teens and those ladies who love wearing something cute on their feet everyday.
Bumper Fringe Boots

Fringe Ankle Boots
Ankle boots are the new addition to ladies’ list of must have shoes. It can be worn with skinny jeans, mini skirt or even with little black dress. But unlike other usual wholesale ankle boots, this fringe bumper boots got the attitude and style you need for everyday office or even weekend wear.
Wholesale Peep Toe Pumps

Wholesale Peep Toe Pumps
Get your customers excited with this pair of peep toe pumps in turquoise blue with colorful platform. Wearing peep toe pumps is a nice way to show off some beautifully colored nails and flawless feet. Have this pair on your store and watch it become sold out in just a matter of time.

With a proper mixture of fun designs, exciting colors, high quality materials and functionality, you can say Bumper Shoes will never let you down. Choose from our wide selection of wholesale Bumber shoes and impress your customers today. 

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