Friday, July 5, 2013

Why Helping Your Customers Find their Perfectly Fitted Shoes Matters

Let’s admit it. It’s never easy to find a pair of shoes that is perfectly fitted on our feet. In a shoe store, we often find women trying out different pairs of shoes looking for something that will fit their size, budget, lifestyle and preference. Often with a real intention of buying, they will ask for different styles, colors and sizes and look all over your store just to find “the one”. However, after all the fitting, they will somehow leave your store disheartened and empty handed.

This is where your ability as a shoe retailer comes in. You must realize that your success in this business comes in helping your customers find their best pair of shoes. While it is almost impossible to convince everyone who comes inside your shoe store to make a purchase, encouraging them and helping them find the right pair can absolutely help you create a name in this industry. But how important really is it to help your customers find the perfect fit?

Customer Service

Most of the times, ladies are willing to spend cash to their shoes and except for some budget conscious women, they are usually willing to pay for the shopping experience that they can get from a shoe store. So if you can offer the best customer service, chances are, women will prefer you over your competitors that sell cheaper shoes. Attend to their needs, answer their queries, deliver their items quickly and they will surely remember your little ways of serving them.

Brand Loyalty

Women will always look for style and comfort when it comes to their shoes. And if you’re able to help them find exactly just that, they will surely come back for more. As women realize the quality of your products and services, brand loyalty will be easily established. The best thing about is that, they can even recommend your store to their friends or family. Sooner or later, you will start to get to know your customers as they become your loyal. By this time, you'll be more able to help them in keeping their shoe collection fresh and updated.

More than the Purchase

As a shoe retailer, you must also remember that the products you sell will be a part of your customers’ daily activities. They will walk in their sneakers, dress with their evening pumps or go to work in their wedges. Making your staff understand this will make them help your customers not just for the sake of higher sales but out of genuine concern. Once your customer feels that you know how to value your patrons, they will definitely come back the next time they need to shop for shoes.

So the next time someone walks in your store, try your best to find the pair that will actually be useful for your customers. Soon, all the efforts will pay off an you will see the result of unparalleled shopping experience.

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