Friday, July 26, 2013

Getting Ready for Back to School Sale? Check This Out!

Just like that, summer fun will soon be over for our kids and teens. The end of summer vacation means going back to school but it can also mean shopping for new things and well, new shoes. If you’re into selling footwear for teenage girls and young ladies, this is the best time to ready your store with fashionably comfortable shoes.

Conversation-starting shoes look great this season but comfort is still on top of everyone's priority. College girls usually love wearing fashion forward wholesale shoes that allow them to express their fashion statement and love for everything fun and colorful. But since they are also at the stage of their life where they try to explore things by engaging in different activities and events, it is important for them to wear the most comfy shoe there is.

A pair of High-cut sneakers is every young lady’s must have. The comfortable fit of sneakers now comes in interesting embellishments and style making it a good choice for fashion savvy students. Instead of selling plain looking sneakers, why not spice up your shoe display with these studded sneakers. It can capture the attention of our young girls and their moms.

High-top hidden Wedges
Young girls can use some added height while enjoying the comforts of sneakers. Wedge sneakers are among the favorites of our students this year. So fill up your display window with fashionably cool shoes like these lace-up athletic sneakers and be the source of fashion shoes for our hard working fellas.

Colorful Flats
As the school year advances, students will be busy with school activities, researches, exams and of course hang outs with friends. Sell unpretentious and simple shoes for your customers that enjoy the active lifestyle of their youth.

Lace up booties
The thing about boots is that it never goes out of style no matter what the season is. You can wear it with skirts during summer or spring months and throw in tights or skinny jeans during colder fall and winter months.

Make sure that your stocks are well updated this back to school season. Visit our website for more trendy wholesale shoes!

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