Friday, July 12, 2013

Challenge Accepted: Finding the Right Shoe for Your Customers

Women tend to buy shoes more than what they need, switch style based on the season and change preference as they age. These things make shoe buying experience exciting and daunting for some ladies. And when they need a new pair of shoes, they most likely need your help in finding the perfect fit.

wholesale shoes for your customer

As soon as a customer walks inside your store, you must put it as goal to find a shoe that will meet her needs and expectation. It is a challenge that should be met with enthusiasm and open minded. Start with making your store more shopping friendly by having easy to reach shoe shelves, chairs, sizing charts and mirrors. This way the customers will not be intimidated to step inside and give your shoes a try.

Start with a Clear Target Market

Aiming to find the perfect shoe for your customers means that you know and understand clearly who is your target market so you’ll able to present your shoes specifically for them. If you’re selling dress shoes or evening shoes, make sure that your store display is more classy and elegant. Or if you’re selling everyday wholesale casual shoes, make sure the lighting are brighter and the mood more relaxed. This will help you showcase your products to the right target market instead of having people look for everything in your store and ending up finding nothing.

Keep it Trendy

The next thing that you must consider in able to give your customer the best when it comes to their footwear is having the right products to sell in your store. It is important to keep your product inventory updated with the trends and equipped with the classics. If you have wide variety of wholesale women's shoes, it means you have greater chances of being able to provide for your customers.

trendy wholesale shoes for customers

Train Your Staff to Win

Being successful in anything requires training. And if you have a group of sales person running around your shoe store, it is important to make sure that they undergo extensive customer service program. This should give them a guideline on how to deal with customers even with the difficult ones. Knowledge is power so make sure that they clearly understand what they are selling including the terms, the basic shoe buying tips and feet measuring techniques.

Have Variety of Products

Having different sizes of the same style is a must for shoe stores but having some pairs that slightly differs from one another in style or materials also are a great thing. So the next time someone comes up to you and says she wants this pair of shoes but she can’t find the pair that fits her, you can instantly come up to her and suggest an alternative. If you can suggest different shoes for her, chances are she will buy more than one pair of shoes and that is a plus for your sales for that day.

With these techniques and the right training, you will soon be able to learn how to look for the right pair of shoes for your customers easily. In just a short while you’ll see improvement in your business and women will leave your store, walking happily with their new shoes.

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