Friday, July 19, 2013

Wardrobe Must Have: Little Black Sandals

Little black sandals are just like a little black dress. It’s pretty much one of every girl’s wardrobe must-haves. The versatility and the style of it can be easily worn together with a lot of fashionable outfit. From jeans, skirts, dresses or shorts, black sandals is the kind of footwear that you can rely on when you’re too lazy to pick one from your collection of shoes.

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 If you’re going to travel and you’re thinking of a pair of shoes to bring with you, a black sandal can also be your best bet. It can be paired with pretty much everything and will look neat and chic when worn anytime. So instead of bringing a pair of chunky pumps or ankle boots, why not pack a pair of black sandals instead? It is light weight and easy to bring plus it can be worn with most items in your wardrobe.

Black sandals are also very versatile that it can fit most skin tone and built. It flatters even the big and stubby legs but also looks great petite legs. So no matter what is your body shape, you can always count on a pair of black shoes to make you look good.

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Plus, it’s easy to buy black sandals anywhere and even comes in different heel height. High heeled shoes look sexy but medium heeled shoes look classy and chic. Since it can be easily paired with different outfits, it is definitely the safest pair of shoes that you can wear with your outfit.

If you want to see some accent, there are wide arrays of uniquely designed black shoes available at different shoe store online or offline. Little details like studs, bows, or gold strap among many other fun details look perfect on black shoes. And because black can be a little boring sometimes, you are now free to accessorize your dress the way you want. Put on statement necklace or earrings to keep the attention on your outfit and lay down your black hair to balance everything out.

Do you love to color your nails? Nothing can highlight a beautifully painted nails than wholesale black open toe shoes. Use different nail art to spice up your overall look and to create something cute to look at every time you take a look at your feet.

How about you? Do you consider black sandals as your wardrobe must have too?

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