Friday, August 2, 2013

3 Creative Display Ideas for Shoe Your Business

To be able to be successful in the shoe business industry you must have these two very important characteristic - a great fashion sense and a lot of creativity. If your store is located inside a mall or high traffic area, it is most likely that you have another competitor near you. But if you want to gain advantage of the competition, it’s best to tap the potential of your shoe store by creating an impressive display and using it to win the game.

When you’re thinking of how to display women’s shoes, think of how you can create a visually appealing display that will stand out from the rest of your competitor. Aside from that, you must also consider the functionality and practicality of your display. Your main goal is to make shopping experience more special for your customers so it’s best to come up with a display that’s not just good visually but will also make shopping for your customers easier.

Here are 3 shoe display ideas that you can use to make your store look more attractive.

Hang it on the Wall

This space saving strategy is great when you have limited space inside your store. Hang different types of wholesale shoes to decorate a plain wall. Choose bright colored shoes and creatively hang it on the wall for more fun looking display.

Stock up Shoe Boxes

If you own a discount or wholesale shoe store, you can stock up shoe boxes and put a pair of shoes on top of the pile of boxes. This is great if you have limited space for your product inventory as you can maximize the space in your store to display your shoes. Display one pair of shoe and keep the rest of the sizes inside the box for easier accessibility and order.

Wooden Tables and Cabinets

To give a classic and elegant appearance to your shoe store, you can purchase wooden tables in antique store and thrift shop or have it customized to fit your store location. Display dressy shoes by placing it on top of a wooden table and add some classic items such as flower, photo frames, or antique stuff to fit the vintage design of your store.

Need more ideas on how to display your wholesale women’s shoes? Check back for more display tips and business ideas to bring success to your business.

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