Friday, August 16, 2013

End Summer Season with a Bang: Tips on Having a Successful Clearance Sale

They say time flies when you’re having fun and when it comes to shoes, I’m sure our lady customers had a great time while traveling with their colorful sandals and comfy sneakers. But now that we only have few weeks left before summer is officially over, this is the best time to stir up your shoe business and prepare for another exciting season.

Before we officially bring in boots and sweaters, why not use the remaining sun shiny days to clear your shelves off the seasonal items. Prepare your store for an end of season sale or clearance sale as a way to move summer footwear but also as a way to treat your loyal customers.

To help you run a successful clearance sale, here are some quick tips that you can use.

  1. Plan ahead
Consider the items that you want to put on sale and the best way to mark down its price. Create an inventory of all your seasonal wholesale shoes and think of a way to make it more appealing to customers. Also consider the terms of your discount sale, if it is open to every one or to just some of your customers who has a loyalty card. Consider the date of your clearance sale and make sure that it falls on a weekend closest to the payday to make sure that most of your customer can enjoy the discounted shoes.

  1. Promote it through ads and social media
Let your customers know in advance about your upcoming clearance sale. This will create an anticipation among your customer and will give them enough time to save up money for brand new pair of shoes, make sure that your customers are well informed about it and encourage them to help spread out the word if ever possible.

  1. Bundle dead inventory with good products
One key in making your clearance sale is having a bundle deal. Pair a slow moving item with your best sellers or bundle up two products and sell it at great discount. This will not only speed up sales but will also allow your customers to buy two shoes at the price of one.

End this season with a fun and exciting clearance sale!

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