Friday, August 9, 2013

5 Tips on How to Make Your Shoes Last Longer

With all the activities that women engage with every day, from the office work to wife and mommy duties, it’s important to have footwear that can keep you company in your activities day in and day out.

Once you find the perfect pair that won’t cause blisters on your feet and makes walking more comfortable, the next question is how you can enjoy them longer. We've seen a lot of women complain about shoes that doesn't last long enough and hard earned money gone to waste just because of low quality shoes.

To help make sure those shoes will last as much as you need them to, here are some useful tips that you can take in mind.

  1. Keep Shoes in Shape with Used Newspaper

Stuffing old crumpled paper inside your shoes before storing it out can keep leather shoes, wholesale dress shoes and boots in shape and also helps to prevent creases and scratches on the surface of your shoes.

  1. Untie Your Shoes Every time You Take them off

It’s easy to just kick off your shoes after a long day but untying the lace can give longer life to your sneakers and laced up boots.

  1. Avoid wearing the same shoes everyday

Let your shoes air out by alternately wearing your shoes. Have at least 3 to five pairs of wholesale women’s shoes you can wear to work so you don’t have to wear the same pair everyday.

  1. Store Shoes Properly

If you want to keep the longevity of your shoes, it’s best to invest on a shoe storage that can help you maintain the quality of your shoes. Resist the urge to just leave your shoes near your door and make it a habit to put it on a shoe rack, shelf or a cabinet to keep it away from molds and other insects.

  1. When soaked with water, let dry immediately

If your shoes get soaked after a heavy rain, immediately let your shoes dry off by airing it out or stuffing it with old newspaper to help absorb water.

With these basic tips, along with a little TLC and proper handling, you can make your shoes last longer and enjoy it’s good fit for a longer period of time.

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