Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Visual Merchandising: How to Make Your Shoe Display More Appealing to Customers

With the advent of supermarkets and specialty stores, visual merchandising has been one of the important factors that affect the success of a shoe business. Whether it is for trade shows or for a physical wholesale shoes store, it is important to have a well thought shoe display that can highlight the uniqueness of your products and give customers the reasons why they should go for it.

Visual merchandising is often referred to as the art of trend and lifestyle presentation. It’s a marketing technique that uses strong visual messages to stimulate the customer’s perception and emotional response. A visually appealing display can positively affect customer’s purchase behavior leading to increase in sales and stronger brand image.

Consider the following visual merchandising guidelines for displaying your shoe in the most fashionable way.

Target a Specific Niche

Having a clear vision on who is your target niche will give you an idea on how you can display your wholesale shoes. If you are selling dressy shoes and your target market is middle aged women, you must keep your display neat, elegant and classy. But if you are after teens and young professionals, keeping your store fresh looking, trendy and fashionable is the way to be easily noticed by your target market.

Group Items Strategically

Sort items by brand, style and function in a more organized way. This way, customers can comfortably navigate around your store making it easier to pick and decide what shoes to buy.

Choose Attractive Store Fixtures

Don’t just go for a typical shoe shelf if you want to communicate with your customers better. Think of a store fixtures that can complement the style and designs of your shoes. Use these to create a mood that can help buyers enjoy their time inside your store. Remember to space out fixtures as to avoid getting store too crowded.

Keep price tags and labels accurate

You can also use labels to help customers distinguish shoe based on their size, colors and materials. Make sure that these labels are accurate as well the prizes of each shoe that are on display.

Ready to give your store a makeover? Use this advice to give your store a new look.

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