Friday, April 19, 2013

Shoe Business 2013: Keeping up with the trend

Most part of the country is beginning to warm up for spring. Because of this, shoe lovers all over are most likely to be in search for the perfect shoes that go well with the season. If you’re a shoe retailer or store owner, now is the perfect time to make sure that all your stocks are updated and follows the latest trends.

Keeping up with the trends makes your store a go to place for ladies who love changing their shoes depending on what’s in and what’s hot. Although trends come and go in fashion world, it can still greatly benefit your business if you know how to feature the latest shoe trends in your store.

How to be updated with the trends

The time it takes for a trend to go from runways to the streets has dramatically decreased because of the presence of social media and photo sharing platforms such as Lookbook and Pinterest. If you want to be updated with what shoes women are wearing this season, you can easily do so with just a simple click on your computer. Read blogs, online fashion magazines or look at what celebrities are wearing because sooner or later, your costumers will start looking for the same fashion items.
Emphasize your latest collection

If you decided to include the latest women’s shoe collection on your display, don’t forget to do simple things that will get your stocks noticed easily. Put a signage next to the shoe shelf announcing your latest collection and ask you staffs to suggest it to the incoming buyers.

Also make sure that you only purchase the kind of shoes that most likely to fit the lifestyle of your customers and the culture of your location. Research how each trend is best worn and how to style a particular shoe, so you can give a sound suggestion if ever your customers ask for help. Look for shoes that you personally believe will look good on them to make sure that each pair will be sold easily.

Discount Promo

Since a trendy item can sell like hot potato, you can also take this opportunity to sell more pairs by doing discount promos like buy 1 get the second pair at half the price or other promos with similar mechanics. This will encourage budget conscious ladies to shop for shoes without having to break the bank. This is also a good opportunity to sell the slow selling items in your inventory.

Keeping up with the trends can be tricky sometimes, but if you know how to use the trends in your advantage, you can definitely use it to further improve your sales and brand image.

How about you? How do you keep your shoe store up to date? Do you follow the trends or sticks with the classics? Let us know your thoughts. 

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