Friday, August 17, 2012

Characteristics of a Good Wholesale Shop

One of the most important factors in putting up a shoe store is finding the perfect wholesale shoes supplier. Part of your success and the ability to stretch your budget well will be put onto how you and your supplier will get along. It is essential that you are satisfied with your supplier before moving onto creating a physical store or opening up shop for your customers. Otherwise, not only will you be wasting money, you’ll also be wasting a lot of time and effort in marketing your products.

When you’re looking for a good supplier for your shoe store, it might be a little hard for you to tell which suppliers are legit and which are just in for the money. If you’re hoping to find a good supplier online, it is advisable to take extra care, especially in choosing the best supplier for your shop.

In order to know if you have found a good supplier, you need to look out for these characteristics:

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Customer Service

Suppliers need to have good customer service if you want to build good relationships with them. If you would like to build trust between you and your customer, a good supplier will also want to build a good relationship with you. Make sure that your supplier can offer real and above-satisfactory customer services. That way, if you have questions, suggestions or feedback, you can easily contact them. It will also be best if they have good means of communication – like chat, email, phone numbers and the likes.

Variety of styles

When you’re buying wholesale women’s shoes for your store, you need to be open to purchasing a variety of styles. Women love shopping and if they can only find limited designs in your store, they’ll easily forget your store and move on elsewhere. A good supplier should also offer a variety of styles for their customers. If they can offer different styles, it will be easier for them to gain loyalty because all of their customers won’t have to look elsewhere just to find a specific style of shoes.


Since you are buying shoes on wholesale, it also means you’re looking for a huge discount. Suppliers should know this. In fact, they should implement it because they are, after all, selling on wholesale. Before you agree to partner with a supplier, make sure they give away good discounts for their clients. You’d want a supplier who truly cares about your business, rather than just making money. Also be open to suppliers who regularly give discounts especially for the opening of fashion seasons. Your store will benefit greatly from these kinds of sales.

Updated Trends

wholesale women's shoes
updated trends make a supplier reliable

Just like you, who has to keep up with the updated fashion trends in order to attract your customer’s attention, suppliers also have to be attentive to these stuff. Since they will be providing stocks for your store, they should know what you want and need too. It’s disappointing when your supplier seems to have outdated stuff that might not sell anymore. Having a supplier that regularly updates their stocks according to the fashion industry will help you sell better.

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