Monday, August 20, 2012

The Benefits of Getting Pre-Ordered Shoes

There are many ways to get wholesale women’s shoes for your shoe store. You might visit your supplier every other week to check their new arrivals. Maybe you have a favorite online supplier that you check stocks every day. But then there are also some pairs of shoes under the pre-order category.

If you’ve already started buying wholesale shoes online, it might be time to start investing in pre-ordered shoes as well.

wholesale women's shoes
Pre-ordered shoes

But before we go on, you need to know what Pre-Order means.

Pre-ordered wholesale shoes are usually those pairs that are currently not in stock – at the moment. If there are New Arrivals to your supplier’s store, there are also those “Will be arriving soon.” These stocks are much more updated than those in new arrivals and a good supplier will give their clients a chance to order them before they run out of stock.

Then again, if you are a shoe store, why should you get pre-ordered shoes for your shop?

1. You’ll enjoy the latest designs and pairs of shoes.

There’s nothing like the joy of knowing that you have the latest when it comes to your shoes. You get to have new designs first. If your shoe supplier offers the pair of shoes similar to that of a famous celebrity, you can easily be one of the first to get your hands on it. If your supplier has an online page that showcases the designs, you’ll also be able to see the upcoming styles of shoes, choose which ones you think will sell and you can use that and pre-market the design to your customers.

2. Your shoe stocks are much more updated than many other shoe stores

Nothing like a healthy competition to keep the ball going, right? Every shoe store has to fight their competitor at being the top-selling store in the area – maybe even in the county! The only way they can do this is to prove to customers that they have the most updated fashionable shoes than any other store. With this advantage over the others, you can be sure that people will keep coming back to your store to check out what’s new in the latest shoe fashion.

3. You get to give your customers a chance to be ahead of everyone else when it comes to fashion.

And because you have the latest stocks when it comes to shoe fashion, you can give your customers a chance to own the newest pairs of shoes. Just like you, fashionistas love to be ahead of everyone else when it comes to making fashion statements. By offering newer than new arrivals, your customers will appreciate your help in giving them a fashionable edge over other fashionistas.

Don’t let your competitor get the latest pairs of shoes before you. Be ahead of the shoe fashion industry and help your customers do the same too! Happy shoe shopping, sellers and enjoy the healthy competition!

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