Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to Get More People to Come to Your Shoe Store

Shoes have a specific season when they sell the most. For instance, when its summer, shoes that sell the most are those perfect for the beach. Slippers, sandals and anything that can withstand sand will become best-sellers. When it’s rainy and cloudy, there’s a big possibility that fur boots will not make a lot of sales at all. So, when these times come, you have to think of various ways to sell your shoes.

When you’re in business, you have to be creative and smart in order to increase sales, despite the tough times and the constant changes in season and trends. If you can think up enough marketing campaigns and ideas to get through tough times, your business will easily survive and grow.

To help you get started, here are some ways to get more people to buy from your shop:

Offer discounts and sales

People just love discounts and sales. Every time they see that huge percentage mark down at the door of your shop, they’ll immediately flock on over to check out your item. Now, just because it’s not in season doesn’t mean people won’t buy it. If the price is right for them, despite the season, they will buy it. Also offer big discounts for those who will buy wholesale womans shoes. Resellers like to take advantage of discounts so they can offer the product at a higher price in their own store.

Keep up with the latest trends

No matter what season it is in your location, if the hottest celebrity wears it, the market will definitely love it. Put up posters of the latest trends in your store. Get a poster of the hottest celebrity or model wearing a similar pair of shoes and place it right behind the rack. When customers see it, they’ll find the shoes more attractive because they can see their idol wearing it. If you’re desperate to sell some old designs, look through famous movies too. The cast may be wearing a similar pair of shoes and your next customer may just be looking for the exact same pair.

Offer daily promos, freebies and contests

If you can’t offer discounts and sales yet, offer a daily promo or freebie for the 50th customer of the day, or something similar. This way, people will keep coming back each day just to see if they might be the lucky customer to take home a free pair. Get people to spread the word too so everyone in your community and neighborhood will know about the promo and freebie. The more people who know about the promos and contests, the more who will participate.

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