Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to Prepare Your Shoe Store for the Opening of the School Year

Now that it’s August, the last month of vacation for most students, this means that people will soon be thinking of buying their supplies for the start of school. For businesses, this means they should be prepared to provide for their customers. Stocking up on wholesale women’s shoes will help you provide for the upcoming gaggle of people who will all be looking for shoes for school.

wholesale woman's shoes
good for school?

But before you can make your purchase, you should know some very important factors first. These factors may definitely affect the success of your sales.

Find out if there are nearby schools in your area

As a shoe store, you should always be aware of the companies, organizations and schools around you. Most likely, people who work or go to these places are those who will also drop by your store. To prepare for the opening of the school year, you need to know if the schools in your area have uniforms or required shoes for the students. If they do, you need to be prepared to sell these specific shoes. Usually, private schools will require black shoes. Some may be stricter (considering the height of heels, the type of shoes, etc). If you want to sell well during this critical period of a shoe store, you should know the different requirements. This way, you can invest on shoes within the specific requirements.

Check out the various school trends of celebrities and fashion magazines

On the other hand, public schools don’t really have specific uniform requirements. Instead, the students rely on the latest fashion trends. In order to make sure your shoes sell well for the opening of school, check out the latest trends in fashion. You can also watch famous movies and TV shows to see what celebrities are currently wearing. Ceriwholesale offers a wide selection of wholesale shoes featuring new styles and designs fresh from fashionable Hollywood celebrities and models.

Take into consideration the weather and location of your store

Despite the huge factor that celebrity trends may provide to the sales of shoes, never underestimate the effects of the current weather and location. Places with cooler weathers are more likely to have different fashion trends than those with hotter summers. Boots will be more popular for cold places during the start of the season, while open shoes are likely to be more popular if your area is still enjoying the summer heat.

Remember, in order to make sure that your shoe shop sells well, you have to consider what your clients and customers want. The more you’re updated about the latest fashion, the bigger the possibility for you to increase your sales.

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