Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Princesses Who Rock Their Shoes

If adults always look up to celebrities for style inspiration, young kids have idols too. Now if you have a shoe store catered to selling shoes for kids, you’ll need this list to help you buy wholesale women’s shoes.

Here are 5 stylish young stars with shoe styles most kids want to copy.

Selena Gomez
Image source: Shoerazzi.com
One of the original Disney stars who didn’t go bad. Instead, she went from young teen star to a fashionable young lady that even young adults can’t get enough of! From her casual, rather tomboy-ish look in the first seasons of Wizards of Waverly Place to the grown-up, girly but definitely age appropriate style that she has now, Selena Gomez still manages to wow fashionistas with her outfits and shoes. It looks like young kids will still want to copy her style for a few more years.

Debby Ryan
Image source: Shoerazzi.com
On the other hand, someone who’s had longer exposure on Disney, Debby Ryan is the star of Suite Life on Deck. With inspirations like Debby Harry and Freddie Mercury, Debby Ryan’s fashion ranges from casual rock to glam rock. She likes to play around with colors so her shoes and outfits are usually interestingly matched. She does like to wear a lot of wedges though so her fans may also be into that.

Bella Thorne
Image source: Shoerazzi.com
She didn’t get the role of Reneesmee in the highly fantasized Twilight series, but she is definitely making her way up without it. One of the younger stars of Disney, Bella Thorne is all girly with a lot of accessories. She likes to play around with her style too. Bella Thorne does like the glitter and accessory when it comes to shoes. And boots.

Brenda Song
Image source: What She Wore Fashion

Girly rock is Brenda Song’s style. This is probably because she’s all girly, but was once engaged to Trace Cyrus. Her style includes glitzy outfits, girly mini dresses paired with matching pumps. And boy, can she carry out those pumps. Now that she and Trace Cyrus is over, she still manages to come out pretty stylish and remains a fashion icon for teenagers everywhere.

Brittany Robertson
Image source: Zimbio
Despite starring in two canceled TV shows since her Disney days, Secret Circle and Life Unexpected, she is still one of the most stylish Disney star ever. Unlike the other Disney stars, Brittany is classic when it comes to fashion. Her style includes feminine pieces, high, high heels and for casual looks – comfy sandals.

Keep these girls on a watch list if you hope to target the younger market. The shoes they wear are likely to be the current trend for teenagers nowadays.

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