Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Remedy Huge Unattractive Feet

One of the common problems women have with their feet is the fact that it looks too big, or as they usually say “unladylike.” Naturally, in order to avoid looking like they have troll feet, they have to find ways to make their feet appear smaller.

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Ugly, big feet?

Unfortunately, cramming feet into smaller shoes, which is a common resolution, only ends up in bad blisters, possible back pain and unbalanced walking.

In order to make a pair of feet appear smaller, here are some tips that may be useful:

1. Wearing high heels allows a woman to break up the length of their feet. 
In this case, chunky high heels are more recommended than thin stilettos which ultimately highlight the length of the foot.

2. Avoid pointed shoes. 
While pointed high heels are one of today’s best sellers, they add length to a pair of feet, providing the opposite effect. In order to avoid this, women with big feet may want to consider choosing high heels with round tips instead.

3. When buying wholesale women's shoes at a discount, make sure to get only those that are in darker shades of colors. 
The colors black and navy help to slim down the figure of the feet, providing the desired illusion that a woman’s feet is actually smaller and narrower.

4. Avoid showing too much skin on your feet as this results in over-sizing the feet.
Instead of thin straps, choose slingbacks or peep toes for a flirty, but smaller look.

5. Do not choose a pair of shoes that have embellishments along the ankles or lower feet
This puts an emphasis on the tips of the feet, resulting in a lengthened illusion, rather than the desired shorter and narrower feet. Instead, those with designs at the tips or on the toes will provide a slimmer result.

6. Ankle straps should also be avoided to prevent the feet from looking chunky. 
If you’re into straps, however, choose those with lean lines or straps along the top of the foot. This limits the length of the feet and avoids widening it as well.

There are many ways to make feet look smaller. If you happen to be one of those ladies who desire a smaller pair of feet, remember one or all of these tips to help you choose better shoes next time.

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