Thursday, June 12, 2014

Katie Holmes Tells You All About Shoes

Although she has quite a living on her own with her business ventures and sideline acting gigs, sure enough, her divorce from multimillionaire Tom Cruise will probably have a huge effect on her shoe funds.

Image source: High Heels Blog
While you probably cannot get the exact pair of shoes at a discounted or wholesale women’s shoes section, it’s not a crime to hope. After all, nowadays, there are many more affordable, but similar pairs of shoes that you may find from a variety of brands.

Scanning through the lovely ex-Mrs. Cruise’s fashion sense since they got married, here are the must-have types of shoes to have for various occasions:

Simple and plain shoes
Image source: NY Daily News
Every girl should always have a simple and plain pair of shoes. Just like Katie Holmes who has extravagant outfits to wear, she can easily dress down by donning simple and plain shoes. Best of all, these shoes will always look good on any type of outfit, resulting in a sophisticated and elegant look.

Casual boots
Image source: Style Bistro
Ankle length boots are essential to any shoe collection because it can be used for either formal or casual events. Whether it may be to accentuate your legs while wearing a short skirt or shorts or to protect your ankles from the cold, these casual boots can match almost any outfit.

Knee high boots
Image source: Style Bistro
What’s a shoe collection without knee high boots? If casual boots protect your ankles, knee high boots protect your legs and they make a pretty nice finish for a laid-back, rock-style fashion. Boots like these are elegant, but casual at the same time and you can wear it, no matter the current season. Most probably, these knee high, black leather boots will never run out of season.

Comfy flats
Image source: Style Bistro
A girl can’t walk on heels forever. Sometimes, she’d be better off wearing comfortable flats that won’t hurt her feet muscles. For long walks, shopping and travel, comfortable flats will always be the ideal footwear. Not only is there a wide variety of flats to choose from, you can also wear these flats, no matter the occasion. Depending on the type of flats you choose, you can also partner it with any outfit – formal or casual.

Elegant shoes
Image source: Style Bistro
If you’re like Katie Holmes who has several formal events to attend, then having a pair of elegant evening shoes is also essential for your shoe collection. Whether these may be strappy sandals, high-heeled pumps or peep-toes, these shoes have to be chosen carefully to match the dress or outfit to be worn in the formal event. Now, if you have some red carpets to walk, picking the right pair is definitely important to complete your look.

Sure, you may not have as much money as Katie Holmes has (or had when she was still lovey-dovey with the highest paid actor of 2011-2012, Tom Cruise), but having at least one pair of each will allow you to dress appropriately – whatever the occasion may be.

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