Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Be Free of Fraud When Shopping Online

Fraudulent transactions are everywhere. Fraudsters victimize both individuals and businesses. For retailers on the wholesale shoes business, great caution is a must when it comes to dealing wholesale shoes suppliers. It is important that retailers are able to trust their wholesale shoes suppliers for a pleasurable business experience. To avoid fraudulent transactions, here are some helpful tips:

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Research wholesale forums. 
Thanks to the internet, it is most likely that your wholesale shoes supplier has an online website and is actively participating in forums to make the most of the World Wide Web. Additionally, consumers today are active engagers in online communities and they give feedback to whatever products they purchase. This is why it is important to check forums and research the feedback from customers who have given input to your potential wholesale shoes supplier. Consumer feedback is particularly important when deciding to invest in something.

Double-check the prices wholesalers suggest. 
Often times, wholesale shoes suppliers give suggested retail prices for the consumers and likewise list the wholesale price. There are those, however, who give inflated potential retail prices, trying to make it look like a good deal. When in doubt, check the manufacturer. Keep an open eye to wholesale shoes suppliers who offer competitive pricing for the best deal in retail sales.

Get the manufacturer’s information.
Authentic manufacturers of wholesale shoes have physical locations of their warehouses. An audit of the factory and the business is advisable especially if you are planning to deal with wholesale shoes from China. Some may pretend to be agents but will probably steal from you in the end.

Ask for proof of business registration.
If legal, wholesale shoes suppliers are registered companies. There are directories where you can search for the legality of your potential wholesale shoes supplier. Make sure that the information given to you by the manufacturer is similar to that listed in directories.

Stay away from suppliers who will only conduct business via Western Union or MoneyGram.
While these wire services are great for individuals, retailers should be wary of suppliers who only do business via Western Union or MoneyGram. They are scammers and these services are not typically utilized for business transactions. Additionally, check if your supplier has a secured website when conducting business transactions online.

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