Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Get Your Shoes Right and Your Career Forward

June is the time when students graduate and just throw everything academically-related out the window. But then, it is also the time when college graduates get ahead of the others by applying for jobs and starting their careers. Of course, interviews are an essential aspect of the job hunt.

So, if you are going off to an interview with your dream company, then, one of your priorities should be dressing to impress, in order to get the job. Now that you’ve set up your outfit for the interview, all you need to do is find the perfect pair of office shoes to go with your outfit. Before you head out of the house in your impressive, possibly borrowed pair of shoes, make sure that it’s not one of these pairs:

wholesale womans shoes
Is this appropriate for a job interview?

Shining, shimmering, glittering splendid shoes

As much as your sister thinks that this glittering pair of shoes, with shining embellishments, is gorgeous for a night out, they’re not entirely appropriate for a job interview. You don’t want to look too flashy or girly in a job interview, to the point that whoever is interviewing you, may not want to take you seriously at all. As much as possible, keep the glimmering shoes in the closet until after hours or at least, after you’ve proven yourself.

High, high, high heels

While everyone appreciates and notices a tall lady coming into the office, wearing high, high heels is not the right way to do it, especially if you’re not that experienced in walking in those kinds of shoes. Donning 5 inch heels may make you look like you’re from the runway, but if you trip, suddenly sprain an ankle or get blistered feet during the interview, it’ll only ruin your chances (and mood) in getting the job. And no, that’s not going to give you a good impression to your possible new boss, either.

Sandals, open toe shoes, sneakers, simply unflattering shoes

Even though your Mom may have gotten these gorgeous open toe shoes while buying women’s shoes on wholesale online, it may not be the right moment to show off those pretty shoes – especially if you haven’t had your toes cleaned at all. Imagine the look on your boss’ face when they spot dirty toes through the peep of your shoes. Definitely a NO-NO. Sandals and sneakers are also both discouraged since they are not formal or impressive enough for a dream job interview.

Remember, this is a job interview you’re going to and unless you’re applying to a fashion magazine, it wouldn’t really be appropriate for your shoes to outshine your skills.

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