Wednesday, August 6, 2014

3 Shoes Every Student Must Have

For most students, school is just a place to hone their skills and to sharpen their knowledge about different subject matters. But for those who love to parties and get-togethers, it’s also the best time to dress up, meet new friends and just seize the day!

Student's Must Have Shoes

No matter what kind of student you are, having a well-thought wardrobe can definitely help you perform your every day tasks while still looking your best. If you’re a lady, starting your own shoe collection can even help you mix and match outfit to keep your look fresh and stylish everyday.

Survive the challenges of your college life by having these 3 must-have wholesale shoes for every student.

A black pump

As a student, you will be forced to wear different types of outfits from casual to formal wear. If you’re the kind of student who doesn’t want to spend precious minutes on deciding what color should go well with your OOTD, a good pair of black pumps can be your best friend. It can look great with jeans and T-shirts during normal days but it can also work well with skirts and blouse during meetings or even parties. Just throw in some accessories and grab a fancy shoulder bag to spice up your look and you’re good to go.

A sleek and sexy ankle boots

Transitioning your outfit from summer to fall can be really challenging given your limited options as a student. To help you get through different fashion dilemmas, make sure to get a sleek ankle boots ready in your closet. It’s easy to pair with short skirts and sleeveless tops on warmer days or with leggings and oversize sweatshirts during cooler months. No matter what look you want to achieve, ankle boots is definitely a big help.

Ballet flats

These comfortable shoes have gone from a basic women’s footwear to a wardrobe staple. If you need to slip on something comfortable, especially when rushing from one class to another, wearing a ballet flats can definitely let you walk fast or even run without worrying about getting sprain on your feet. And because it is lightweight and easy to pack, you can just keep it on your bag when having sleepovers or when you need to give your feet a break after hours of standing on your heels.

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