Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Where to Wear Your Heels in the Summer

Summer is all about having fun, going to the beach, traveling to different places or just partying with your friends. In all these happenings it’s important to pay attention to your outfit from your dress, to your accessories, down to the pair of shoes you wear.

Wear Your Heels During Summer

Most of the time dressing up casually is the best way to enjoy summer. Wearing something on the go like flip flops, sandals and snickers is what usually comes to mind when we think of summer footwear. But for some ladies, letting go of their favorite high heeled shoes is just so difficult that no matter where they go they would always pick high heeled pumps or platform shoes to wear with their summer outfits.

To help you look your best this lovely season, here are some places where you can stylishly wear your high heeled wholesale shoes.

To a beach wedding

Although it’s not practical to wear stilettos on the beach, especially if you’re going to walk on a sandy shore, you can still wear wedge heels when you’re attending weddings or parties held on a beautiful beach front. Pair it with a light dress or maxi, and wear matching accessories for that fresh and stylish look that is perfect this summer.

To summer music festivalsTo royal regatta

Music festivals used to be all about talent, fantastic performance and cool bands. Nowadays, it also becomes a great opportunity to hang out with friends and show off your sense of style. Let your graphic printed wholesale shoes take the spotlight by wearing a short denim shorts and sleeveless tops for a very fashionable look.

Aside from running, mountain climbing and swimming, there is another sport that is so popular this summer season. If you’re living near the ports of New York, there is a great chance you’ll get to witness a regatta or boat race participated by different sailing communities, universities and even high profile personalities. Look your best by wearing your favorite floral dress with a nude sandals or maxi dress with high heeled espadrille pumps.

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