Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Business Tip: Take Advantage of Fall Season to Prepare for the Holidays!

The last few months of the year are usually the busiest for everyone in our country. After wearing costumes for different Halloween parties and preparing Turkeys on Thanksgiving, we also celebrate Christmas and welcome the New Year. For shoestore owners, this season can mean a great increase in sales. However, it can also be a bit overwhelming without careful planning and strategy.

Anticipating an increase in the volume of foot traffic during the holiday season, it’s best to make your business ready to serve the needs of your costumers the best way possible. With careful planning and right preparation, you deliver quality products and services while enjoying the holiday cheers. Here are some tips to help you get by the fall season while preparing for the most wonderful time of the year.

  1. Train Your Staffs
The volume of customers during holidays can be overwhelming especially for stores that are selling wholesale women shoes and evening sandals. To make sure that your staffs are competitive enough to handle complaints, inquiries and sales, it’s best to train them and hone them to be an asset in your company. Make sure that they understand the company policies and how you would like them to treat your costumers.

  1. Be Sociable
If you think it’s enough to just hide behind the counter, now is the best time to start building relationships with your clients. Make sure to personally greet shoppers and help them in their search for great shoes. This is essential in building brand loyalty and can make you more confident that she will come back to your store for the holiday shopping with her friends and family.

  1. Think Ahead
Anticipate possible problems that you can encounter in your business like late shipment, damaged products among many others and think of a way to solve it. Thinking ahead allows you to have plan B, and will ensure the continuity of your operation despite any untoward incident.

  1. Celebrate!
While thinking of your business, you should never forget the reason for all these business. Holiday season is the best time to celebrate your business, appreciate your staffs and thank wholesale shoes suppliers. Go ahead and enjoy yourself to keep you away from stress and holiday blues.

Learn more about how you can survive this holiday season in our next blogs!

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