Friday, October 4, 2013

Holiday Fashion Trend: Sparkling Gold Shoes

Thinking of what to wear during the holiday parties can be a little daunting. With a lot of trendy and fashionable wholesale shoes available in the market today, it’s hard to think of something that will easily fit your dress but will also make you stand out. Here in our blog, we’ll try to give you a series of articles that can give you an idea on what to wear when going to different events this season.

wholesale sparkling gold shoes

One of this season’s hottest trends is golden shoes. It adds sparkles to any dressy outfit and can suit any event that requires semi formal to formal attires. Pair with a cocktail dress, a long gown or with skinny jeans and blouse and you’re good to go. Here are some wearing tips that can come in handy while you’re planning your holiday wear.

  1. Little black dress
One of the perks of having a little black dress is that you can pair it with anything and it can fit any event that you’re going to attend. Wearing gold shoes is a great way to glam up a dull outfit. Just match your gold shoes with a gold bag or accessories for that perfectly pulled together look.

  1. Red Hot Elegance
Nothing resembles luxury more than red and gold. Pair these two colors and get that rich and fabulous look for your holiday parties. To make sure that you can dance and enjoy the party as much as you want, just go for low or mid heeled shoes. You can browse different online wholesale shoe stores or go to a nearby boutique to find the trendiest low heel designs so you can still look fashionable without straining your feet.

  1. Perpetually Gorgeous White
Look like angel in disguise with while being dressed in white dress. Create a super chic look by pairing it up with gold glittered wholesale shoes and finish it up with gold chunky bracelet. Remember not to over do your accessories to let the golden shoes have the spotlight.

Wearing gold with your dresses adds a hint of happiness and merry making to your outfit. Feel the holiday cheer by fashionably wearing wholesale pumps or dressy sandals to complete your ensemble this season. 

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