Friday, October 25, 2013

Keeping the Thanksgiving Spirit Alive: Tips for Small Businesses

It’s the time of the year again to say our thanks and gather with friends and family to appreciate everything we have in our lives. For businesses, it’s also a great time to appreciate your loyal customers and supporters through great discounts, freebies and special promos. However, as people realize the value of shopping during the thanksgiving, it slowly becomes the center of the celebration and becomes more commercial driven just like Valentines or Holidays.

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On the other hand, we cannot deny how thanksgiving season can easily help wholesale shoe businesses establish relationship with their customers in different ways. But to keep the celebration sincere and exciting, it’s important to keep your customers in mind rather than thinking of the income that you can get from this celebration. Here are some of the things that you can do to make this day special for everyone.
Create a Marketing Plan

Make your thanksgiving run smoothly by carefully laying down your plans including the details of your promos. Determine what you will do to spend this day and who will be the recipient of your programs. You must also decide on how much you’re going to spend on this day and come up with a way to maximize your money. Remember that it’s not about how grand your promo is but how you use it to establish better connections with your customers.

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Make it Personal

Do you own a business selling wholesale women’s shoes and accessories? You can make the experience extra special by creating a personalized thanksgiving tags, shoe boxes, or packaging for your loyal customers. Handmade tags and DIY card can be made easily by following simple step by step guides online and can be done with your staffs and crews. Write a personal note to send out to your customers rather than lifting from a quote found in the internet.

Be Unique

Every other business around you will surely have their thanksgiving promos that sometimes people will no longer notice any difference. To make your Thanksgiving Day special, you can device a unique way to celebrate it through games, video presentations or through limited time offers to create a great impression to your customers. Highlight the things you are thankful of for the past years and appreciate all those who helped you run your business from the staffs, wholesale shoes suppliers and customers.

When celebrating this special day, it’s best to keep it simple and sincere. No need to have grand promos and programs. Just sincerely thank everyone around you and enjoy this special day.

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