Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Must-Have Evening Wholesale Boots for Your Shoe Store

There are a lot of styles and designs available when it comes to wholesale boots. As women began to indulge themselves in sexy footwear, designers and manufacturers have recognized the need to create the sexiest and most fashionable styles for women all over the globe. Investing on the right styles of wholesale boots may be frustrating at first, but women will love to have any pair. Whether it’s for formal events, evening galas, parties, or casual celebrations with the family, women will always have a reason to wear a pair of gorgeous wholesale boots. For evening wear, here are the best styles of wholesale boots you should have:

Wholesale Stiletto boots – Stiletto boots are actually just like the average stilettos women wear, except in wholesale boots style. Wholesale stiletto boots are known for giving women the extra sexiness because of the ultra-skinny heel, also adding a bit of height and length to the legs. These pairs of wholesale shoes are available both in rounded and pointed toes. For evening wear, slouchy stiletto boots are fabulous especially when paired with a pencil skirt.

Wholesale Ankle boots – Wholesale ankle boots are perfect for evening wear. Celebrities pair them up with dresses all the time. You see these wholesale boots in red carpet premieres and events matched with long jeans and a dressy top, sometimes even with a skirt. Have wholesale ankle boots that are embellished with zippers, buckles, and laces for that extreme girly effect.

Wholesale Knee-high Boots – Knee-high boots are so versatile that they can be paired with absolutely any kind of outfit. Whether it’s a dress, a skirt, or even under or over your jeans, wholesale knee high boots will give any woman that perfect finishing look. Slouchy knee high boots are great to tuck skinny jeans in so make sure to have some pairs of these wholesale boots available in your store. Women will love to own them.

Wholesale Wedge Boots – Wholesale wedge boots are perfect for women with shorter stature but are uncomfortable with skinny heels such as what stiletto boots have. Wedge boots are very comfortable and can be paired with skinny jeans and bohemian skirts.

Other wholesale boots you should have are riding boots, flat boots, and cut-out booties. Play around with the many styles of wholesale boots because women will always find a reason to buy a pair.

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