Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Allure of Wholesale Platform Shoes

Wholesale platform shoes are a type of shoe that women have loved since their introduction over 35 years ago. Store owners and retailers are not complete without these fashionable wholesale shoes. Because of their various styles and designs, women aren’t often content with purchasing just one pair. Listed below are the top wholesale platform shoes that women have adored for years.

  • Open-toe platforms give that extra height for women with a small stature. Women purchase wholesale open-toe platforms for that extra boost in self-confidence and the illusion of a taller build. One tip though, matching the color of your toenail polish with your open-toe platform shoes add sexiness and appeal to the woman in you.
  • Concealed platforms are tricky. Also known as hidden platforms, these classic wholesale shoes have thick soles which are concealed by the upper, similar to wedges but not quite so. The best thing about concealed platform shoes is that they give the appearance of a highly arched foot. They are the perfect wholesale shoes for formal occasions and elegant evenings.
  • Platform mules are sexy wholesale shoes that women can just slip on to their feet. Sexy and seductive, platform mules give the casual outfit an extra flair. It exposes a larger area of the foot which men really find erotic and appealing.
  • Sling-back platform shoes are characterized by their backless form and an ankle strap crossing behind the heel or the ankle. Sling-back ankle strap wholesale shoes may be closed or open-toe, with heels or none, and casual or dressy. Because of the ease with which the wearer can slip her foot into the shoe, sling-back platform shoes are one of the most well-loved wholesale shoes by women.
  • Ankle-strapped platform shoes, on the other hand, have straps that cross the ankle and the heel. These are one of the most prevalent wholesale platform shoes that women purchase because of the sexiness and appeal it exudes.

Wholesale platform shoes are not just fashionable, they offer just the right amount of comfort and protection for every woman’s feet. With their sturdy soles, gentle curves, and high heels, platform shoes are wholesale shoes that women should have in their closet – not just one, but two, three, or more.

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