Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Top Wholesale Shoes Styles for Women’s Skirts and Shorts

Being able to give top fashion advice to women customers is a major plus for shoe store owners. The right wholesale shoes styles can emphasize the legs while the wrong choice can highlight areas women would rather not accentuate. When dealing with customers, it’s important for shoe stores to offer the perfect pair of wholesale shoes for women to wear to show off their gams. Here are a few picks:

Wholesale sneakers – Wholesale sneakers add a hint of playfulness to shorts and skirts. They add youth because of their casualness and are a perfect match with denim shorts and skirts. Cross-trainers are a no-no and women should stick to classic sneakers. Wholesale wedge sneakers are a new trend in wholesale sneakers and women should opt for new styles once in a while.

Wholesale wedges – Women wear skirts to elongate and emphasize their legs. Wholesale wedges are the perfect wholesale shoes to accomplish that. The different styles of wholesale wedges such as woven, espadrilles, bohemian, and strappy wedges go well with shorts and skirts but they must be open-toed. Because women in short skirts and shorts opt for the casual look, sporting a closed-toe wedge contradicts just that as they exude a bit more formality.

Wholesale flats – Wholesale ballet flats are one of the latest trends in wholesale shoes and these types of wholesale shoes go well with skirts and shorts. Wholesale flats are a no-no for longer skirts while simple-looking wholesale flats paired with a semi-casual mini-skirt are ultra-chic and ultra-feminine.

Wholesale boots – Wholesale boots are the sexiest wholesale shoes to match skirts and shorts. But women should remember to wear tall boots instead of ankle boots. Knee-high boots or those wholesale boots that fall a little above or below the knee are sexy and seductive and men love to look at women who sport this outfit.

Wholesale shoes can make or break an outfit. With the right wholesale shoes, women can look sexier, more beautiful, and more seductive.

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