Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wholesale Shoes Spotlight: Wholesale Pumps for Women

When Catherine de Medici of France customized her shoes with high heels to give her small stature the appearance of being taller, she never expected it to be a fad.Pumps are among women’s favourite wholesale shoes because they make women look sexy and attractive. The beauty of wholesale pumps is that they make women’s feet look small. Wholesale pumps come in a variety of forms and all types can perfectly match any outfit, whether it’s corporate attire, a party dress, or evening gowns.

Pointed toe pumps are the classic pumps. These wholesale shoes narrow down at the end with a sharp point. Pointed toe pumps are wholesale shoes that give women the sexiest look. These are killer wholesale shoes that women die for. Because of the appeal it exudes, women are often willing to pay a high price for wearing these wholesale shoes – in terms of both cost and health. Though unhealthy if worn for a long time, pointed toe pumps are perfect for office work, parties, and formal events.

Rounded toe pumps, on the other hand, are the go-to wholesale shoes ideal for day-long events. Their round tips are healthy for feet, especially for women who stand on their toes all day long. Additionally, rounded toe pumps are suitable for other activities such as dancing, socializing, and just about anything that involves walking around. For instance, black leather pumps can match women’s suits while rounded toe pumps in other hues are perfect for dresses and skirts.

Wholesale pumps and open toed shoes are the latest trend in the world of wholesale shoes. Open-toed pumps, or peep toe shoes, are the sexiest wholesale shoes nowadays. From leopard style peep toes to double platform pumps, open-toed wholesale pumps are the best way to catch a man’s attention. Aside from the sexiness it brings, open toed wholesale pumps are a healthier alternative because it gives your feet a little more room at the tip. With open toe pumps, women are more protected from blisters and sores. And, because they allow the feet some air to breathe, open toed wholesale shoes are perfect for warm weather. Just make sure that you have a pedicure before showing the world your feet with gorgeous open-toed wholesale shoes.

Wholesale shoes such as pumps will never go out of style. Because these wholesale shoes can easily match any outfit, women are bound to buy pairs and pairs of wholesale pumps.

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