Friday, January 29, 2010

Top Five Tips for Buying Wholesale Shoes

The process of buying wholesale shoes for the very first time can be a daunting task since there are so many things to take into consideration. More often than not, one is lost as to where to begin. To help wholesale shoes buyers to get off on a good start and get the best deals for the new venture, below are some tips on buying wholesale shoes.

1. Wholesale shoes buying starts with research.
Get a good knowledge of the industry and the different kinds of shoes such as wholesale pumps, wholesale boots, wholesale sandals, etc. When you meet the wholesale shoes distributor for the very first time, come equipped with the knowledge of running a shoes business. You will definitely gain the wholesaler’s respect and which will lead to a productive partnership. Knowing nothing about the industry will make you look like a bogus wholesale shoes buyer. 
2. Get all the documents necessary in running a shoes business.
Many wholesale shoes suppliers require business license or tax information, but some only require meeting a minimum purchase requirement. However, it is best to have these documents on hand to give you benefits such as waiving the sales tax from your order. This depends on the location of your business and the wholesale shoes distributor.
3. Do not be afraid to ask discounts on bulk orders.
Some wholesale shoes distributors give additional discounts for large volume orders. Shoe wholesalers deal in large quantities of stock and the quicker these wholesale shoes move, the more warehouse space they have. Space is crucial for wholesale shoes suppliers, as they constantly need to stock up on fast-moving wholesale shoes.
4. Inquire about slow-moving wholesale shoes.
Wholesale shoes distributors want to keep products moving as quickly as possible. If they have some slow-moving wholesale shoes, you make be able to strike a deal and get them at a much lower price. Just be sure that there is a market for such styles of wholesale shoes because it doesn’t matter how cheap you got these wholesale shoes if no one will buy them.
5. If you are happy with your partnership with the wholesale shoes supplier, stick with them.
Good relationships take a long time to build. If you are happy with the price, delivery time, and the quality of wholesale shoes the supplier provides, stick with them, as establishing a good credit relationship can bring you benefits in the long run. Also, shoes wholesalers know that it is cheaper to retain customers than to get new ones. If you are a regular customer with a good credit standing, you can get exclusive sales and discounts in return for your continuous business with them.

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