Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Man’s Guide to Buying Wholesale Women’s Shoes

Having a hard time buying wholesale women’s shoes? While it’s difficult to surprise your significant other with pairs of wholesale shoes, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Though it’s always advisable to bring your significant other with you when buying her wholesale shoes, there are times when you just want to surprise her with something special. And when those times come up, you’ll need the basics when buying wholesale shoes for your female loved ones.

  • Know her exact size and fit. Buying wholesale shoes for your female loved ones needs just the same factors as when you’re buying wholesale shoes for yourself. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be, wearing wholesale shoes that are a size larger or smaller than what it really is. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it’s also stressful to have to return the wholesale shoes you have already bought.
  • Buying boots is more complicated than other wholesale shoes. When choosing wholesale boots, men should know the size of the woman’s calf as this affects greatly the wholesale shoes you’re buying. Loose or too fit on the calf, wholesale boots will really be uncomfortable and difficult to wear for your lady love.
  • What is her personality like? Buying any gift for your loved one should match their personality. Women who are simple yet elegant won’t go for metallic ankle boots or bright colored wedges.Decide whether your woman would love high heels or flats more. Additionally, her lifestyle is a big factor when buying wholesale shoes. If she’s the intellectual type, classic pumps would suit her best because it exudes confidence and sophistication.
  • Know the retailer’s return policy on wholesale shoes. Because you are really not 100% sure that the wholesale shoes you’re giving matches her perfectly, find out how you could exchange your wholesale shoes from where you bought it. Online wholesale shoes stores are easier to shop at because all the information is at the tip of your hands. With just a click away, one can find out the store’s return policies, shipping information, and a wider array of collection to choose from.

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