Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Clearance Sale at Ceriwholesale!

It’s that time of the season again when everything new gets reduced rates! Because we offer wholesale women’s shoes, this is a great time for retailers to take advantage of the sale and get their shop more stocks to sell. Here are just a few of the great shoes for sale on Ceriwholesale this November:

Flats Galore

Flat shoes are always undermined by platform shoes and high heels. However, flats are really comfortable and taller women like to wear them for longer walks. If you can offer your customers a good pair of flats, you can give them an option of dressing casually and comfortably. Besides, with this pair of flat shoes designed to look like loafers with silver studs, anyone can easily get away with wearing this on a day of partying. From $126 for a pack of 12 pairs, you can get it for only $84. Sweet deal? Definitely. This design comes in black, orange, turquoise, red and yellow.

Mary Jane Platforms

For those who can’t really wear flats all the time (maybe due to height issues), high heel shoes are a must. And if you’re a retail seller, you have to buy wholesale high heels every time you renew your stocks. These colorfully designed Mary Jane platforms look almost too formal for a party. However, because they are available in funky, multi-colors, they make a great partner to a good dress. Don’t worry about those hollow heels though, they still make a strong foundation for any shoe. This design sold for almost $200 for a pack of 12 pumps. But because of the clearance sale, they are now on sale for $156 for a pack. Pretty good deal for a colorful selection of shoes. The design can be bought in fuchsia, black, orange and royal blue.

Winter Boots

In preparation for the upcoming season, boots are definitely a must-buy. You shouldn’t have to wait for Christmas though. Buy the boots now, especially when they’re on sale like these winter boots. Designed with thick soles and Aztec colors along the upper ankles, these pairs of winter boots are a great addition to any winter collection. Boots can be pretty expensive. But now that this design is on sale, you can get them at $168 only for a wholesale pack of 12 pairs. The boots can be bought at dark brown, black, mustard, red and royal blue.

What are you waiting for? More wholesale shoes on clearance sale at Ceriwholesale!

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