Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to Save on the Shoe Sale Rush for Halloween

During Halloween, everyone seems to be rushing to get that perfect pair of shoes to complete their Halloween outfit. As a retail shoe store, you might be having a hard time trying to get all the stocks in before everyone starts panicking. But because you’re buying everything a few days before the event, you end up paying a whole lot of money just because you need to give your customers what they want. In order to save yourself the money and time rushing to get things to your shop before the Halloween rush, here are a few tips you might find useful.

wholesale women's shoes
Halloween Boots

1. Buy the shoes 1-2 months earlier

Never join other people when it comes to rushing for the things they need. The price of the supply always doubles whenever the occasion approaches and if you buy your stocks a day or two before Halloween, not only will you be hassled by your customers, but you’ll also be one of the last to put up Halloween stocks. Always make the point to buy your stocks a month or two earlier. The prices wouldn’t have gone up just yet and you can still ask for a discount if you’ll be buying wholesale women’s shoes.

2. Sell boot covers

Not everyone has the money to buy a new pair of shoes. So instead, you can sell boot covers. Whether you make them yourself or you have someone else make them for you, these boot covers are helpful in making a Halloween cover without having to buy a new pair of shoes.

3. Sell shoe clips

Shoe clips are similar to boot covers. They can be made to clip onto your shoes so that you don’t have to buy a new pair. The best thing about shoe clips is that they are very cheap, perfect for anyone who doesn’t have plans to wear the shoes for too long.

4. Hold promos a week or two before

People like to panic buy just before the event itself. To push them to buy earlier, hold a discount or promo for your shoes a week or two before Halloween. Not only will you save yourself the midnight rush of Halloween, but you can also save them the traffic and the amount of people who will come into your store to buy costume shoes on the day of the event.

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