Wednesday, October 24, 2012

5 Recommended Shoes For Your Halloween Costume

It’s that time of the year again! Lighted pumpkins, scary stories, creepy faces and dark cloaks. Nothing like a day of the year when it’s actually legal to scare somebody. Now that it’s that time of the year, you need to prepare your shoe store for the people who will be looking for something to complete their look. Since this is the time when people need something for their Halloween costume, you need to know the different types of shoes popular during the occasion.

Instead of the usual stocks of wholesale women’s shoes that you buy, stock up on these kinds of shoes to satisfy the annual scare-fest lovers.

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Boots for Halloween


Of course, boots are the number one type of shoes wanted during Halloween. Could there be anything darker than a pair of shoes that wraps your whole feet and even thighs (thigh high boots)? Besides, if you have boots for sale in your retail store, you can easily suggest simple costumes to your customers. Famous cloaked costumes usually require boots. Even superheroes require boots. But the best thing about these boots is that even if Halloween is over, you’d still be able to sell them well, especially because the weather is getting colder, due to the upcoming winter season.

Platform heels

Now, besides boots, black platform heels are also very popular. Platform heels are those shoes with its own layer at the bottom of the shoes itself. This doesn’t just give the shoes extra height; it also makes it easier for the wearer to walk heels with an even bigger height advantage. These shoes are great for costumes like female superheroes and rockstar icons.

Spiked shoes

Nothing like spiked shoes to scare other people, right? This is a good thing, because today, high heels with spikes are actually very stylish. If black is too dark for your costume, Ceriwholesale also has other stylish spiked shoes that may be appropriate for Halloween parties.

Dark colored flats or sneakers

One of the fun activities that some people do on Halloween is to play a game of the Walking Dead where zombies chase people around town. For those who will be joining this game, it is best to buy flats or sneakers instead. After all, you can’t really run fast if you’re wearing high heels. Flats or sneakers will give you the freedom to walk longer and run faster. Now you can definitely outrun those zombies.

Halloween is fast approaching. Make sure that you don’t run out of stocks for these shoes so you can sell them to those who are looking for shoes to their Halloween party.

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