Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tips for Protecting Your Feet From Office Footwear

Footwear is one of the most important things you need to consider when you want to make an impression. Sure, clothes are very important because they make up 3/4s of the outfit. But in order to complete your outfit and the impression you want to make on your hopefully future boss, you need to wear impressive office footwear. This is why many ladies who work in the office have to find high heeled shoes with shining shimmering colors to impress their bosses. Unfortunately, this is also the same reason why many women find themselves hurting their feet.

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Protecting Feet From Office Footwear

Before you buy wholesale women’s shoes to sell at your retail store, share with your customers how they can protect their feet from tight, office footwear.

1. First of all, you need to warn them about shoes with pointed and super narrow toe areas. This is one of the major qualities of an ideal office shoe. However, because it has less space for your toes, it increases your chances of developing neromas and bunions. If you put more pressure on your toes, this will make the process of achieving foot conditions faster. Unfortunately, when you stand upright in a narrow shoe, you put more pressure onto your toes.

2. When you wear a slip-on footwear with an open back (another ideal, stylish shoe for the office), you end up gripping your toe too tightly. As a result, you end up increasing your chances of obtaining hammer toes and foot tension. Instead of picking this type of shoe, you can suggest to your customers to find a shoe with straps wrapped around the ankles or foot. This way, the toes don’t have to do much work to keep the shoe attached to the foot.

3. Now, if the customer’s ankles wobble while they walk, then they need a heel that can help them increase their hip strength. This means that they need a heel suitable enough to carry their weight. Remember, wobbling while you’re walking in heels is not a fashion statement. Get a pair of shoes with suitable heels to prevent any wobbling.

4. If your customer truly wants to improve the conditions of their knees, back and feet, then they should choose a shoe with a lower heel than usual. The height of the heels greatly depends on the height of the customer. However, anything less than 2 inches is good enough. Do remember that putting any amount of height on your heels can do some damage.

As a seller, you should know some things about the shoes you sell. You might not want to scare your customers off, but you need to let them know the risks they’re facing. Besides, they will appreciate any help you can give them.

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