Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A List of Possible Real Halloween Costume Shoes

It’s hard to run a shoe business. You need to make sure that every design of the shoe you get is popular and fashionable so that you won’t have to worry about shoes being stocked up in the storage room. You have to ensure that everything you sell is made out of good quality with pretty designs. Otherwise, you could lose a lot of money when you don’t sell the shoes. Before you go to your supplier to buy wholesale women’s shoes, you should take a look at this list to know which shoes are currently a few of the ugliest and scariest shoes in the fashion industry.

1. Shoes for goats?

Goat Heels

Do you want to be targeted by PETA? No? Well then you definitely should avoid buying this for your retail store. Look at those shoes! Unless they’ll be decorating their house (hopefully, not with something so drastic and depressing!) or displaying it for some kind of exhibit, that’s the only time anyone would really buy those shoes. Designed by Iris Schieferstein, these heels were made with the inspiration of dead animals.

2. Armadillo Heels

Designed by the controversial, but talented shoe designer Alexander McQueen, these armadillo heels are pretty intriguing, but only because Lady Gaga wore them in Bad Romance. Now, besides those times, these heels are pretty treacherous. Especially for your feet. Unless you can walk in these stick high heels, you should definitely avoid getting these shoes for your store.

3. Feet springs

Do you want boots? Because these feet springs are far, far from the ordinary type of boots known by most people. Yes, these boots from Zaha Hadid for Lacoste are actually pretty creative. However, when you think about putting them on, you don’t even know where to start! Besides, imagine how uncomfortable these shoes would be.

4. Gaming shoes

There’s just something so cute about these gaming shoes. But like the hoof shoes, these should only be displayed or used as decoration. At least, compared to the hoof shoes, these gaming shoes look slightly more entertaining than drastic. Still, no one will actually wear these shoes. Not just because they are heavy and twice the size of an actual shoe, but also because there are too many prettier shoes out there.

Scary Beautiful Heels

5. Beautiful, but scary

This beautiful pair of shoes may look classic in its exterior. But when someone actually starts wearing it – they are truly one scary pair of footwear. This collaboration between Leannie Van Der Vyver and Rene Van Den Berg is designed to have the foot backwards, pointed straight down, while the shins lean on the heels. Yes, this is not an ordinary type of shoe.

These shoes are pretty creative and amusing. But when you’re selling shoes on a retail basis, they’re not the kind of shoes you want.

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