Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Best Shoes to Sell in Autumn

Now that autumn has officially begun, it is time to discuss what to sell during this cool season. While it’s not yet entirely winter, the wind will blow cold during this season and you’ll need to be prepared. If it’s time to wear hoodies and jackets, it’s also time to bring out some of the special autumn shoes.

For those who are buying wholesale women’s shoes to sell in their own retail stores, acknowledging the start of this cool season allows you to prepare your store for what everyone would be looking for. In light of this autumn season, here are some of the best shoes to sell during this cool weather.

Thigh High Boots
wholesale women's shoes
purple thigh high boots

During autumn, everything is about bundling up. While that may be a little more conservative than usual, it’s the fashion that caters to the current season. And when the season is too cold, there’s nothing better than to support full-clothed styles. This includes thigh high boots, of course, every girl’s best bet at being stylish and keeping warm at the same time. Thigh high boots have always been thought of as something one wears to a rock-glam party. Usually, only those who support underground music wear thigh high boots. But during autumn, these boots are very popular. It’s best to be prepared with a good set of thigh high boots just in case women around the area want to change their old ones.

Fur boots
fur boots

Now, not all thigh high boots look great on some people. If the thigh high boots are too tall and too hot, women usually end up wearing fur boots instead. Fur boots are available in a wide variety of designs. You can get ankle boots made out of fur or even calf boots, if you prefer these over thigh high boots. Fur boots work best during winter, but because of the cool winds of autumn, fur boots can also be worn to keep warm. Besides, it’s easier to find an outfit to wear with fur boots compared to thigh-high boots.

Closed pumps

For those who are not yet ready to wear boots during this semi-cold season, pumps are always a popular choice. In fact, just about any pair of shoes will work, as long as they’re not peep toes or sandals. Do remind your customers, however, that they might want to wear ankle socks or leg warmers with their pumps. After all, closed pumps and leg warmers are pretty much stylish during autumn. Just make sure the colors of their outfit matches. Maybe you can even sell leg warmers in your shop too. It’s definitely a good way to advertise pumps when selling to customers.

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