Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Top Boots to Sell This September

Now that the chilly winds have officially signaled the start of Autumn, it’s time to bring out all of the special shoes for the season.

Because of the cold weather, many people are most likely to wear boots. And to help you sell well during this season, here are some of the top wholesale women’s shoes you should get for your retail shop.

Heelless Wedge Boots

wholesale women's shoes
heelless wedge boots

Despite its abnormal form, heelless shoes are actually very much a trend these days. However, if you’ll be wearing open sandals to a night out in Autumn, your feet will catch frostbite before you reach your car. So instead of suffering from the cold winds at night, be in style with these heelless wedge boots. Not only is this pair of boots in style, but it will also keep the feet warm. For those who are conscious about the colors, these wedge boots are available in 6 colors at Ceriwholesale. Selling a selection of these shoes will benefit your customers who love to party at night and keep in style. Do remind them to be careful when walking though. It is imperative to step forward first when walking to prevent outbalancing.

Studded Ankle Boots
wholesale women's shoes
studded ankle boots

There are many different kinds of ankle boots. This special pair is a chic, double-wrapped ankle boots, decorated with fancy studs around the ankle. This pair of boots also has heels so it’d be perfect for those who need to add height. Available in funky red, chic purple and classic black colors, this studded pair of ankle boots will definitely be a top seller for the season. These shoes are perfect for wearing with jeans or dresses and trench coats.

Knee-high Cowboy-Like Boots
wholesale women's shoes
thigh high boots

Designed with a shaded ankle décor and thin straps, this knee-high boots almost look like cowboy boots except that they actually have 4.5 inch heels. Now, this is a pair of boots that customers can use with short outfits. With its snake-skin texture, it will help to keep the feet and legs warm, even during the night. This glam-rock cowboy-like boots is available in red, camel, royal blue and black colors. These boots can be bought at a wholesale price at Ceriwholesale.

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