Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Clearance Sale: September’s Featured Must-Go Items

Who doesn’t love a discount? Especially, when the items put on sale are smoking hot and perfect for the season. For those who are looking to add more wholesale women’s shoes to their retail store, here are some choices you may want to consider. The good news? It’s on sale!

Because it’s Autumn, it is time to hide the open sandals and peep toes and bring out the boots!

- Platform Pump Boots

wholesale women's shoes
spiked platform boots

One of the definite must-goes is this pair of platform pump boots, designed with spikes on its heels. Made out of stretched micro suede material, this platform pump boots is great for selling this Autumn. Chic and stylish, trendsetters in your area will be fawning for this. And you can get it for a cheaper price! The shoes have a hidden platform and its heels are 5.5 inches high. This selection of shoes is available in brown, plum red, royal blue and black colors.

- Colored Platform Booties

wholesale women's shoes
red platform boots

Designed with fun shades of colors, this poly synthetic pair of platform booties is pretty cheap for its wholesale price of 6 pairs. It has a hidden platform beneath the design with heels that go as high as 6 inches. While that may be too high for many customers, the funky design is enough to impress just about any lover of shoes, which is of course, almost every girl in the country. This style of shoes can be bought in royal blue, camel, black or red colors.

- Peep toe Booties

wholesale women's shoes
yellow peep toe booties

So, not all peep toes should be hidden. This pair of peep toe booties are made out of velvet material, also good at keeping feet warm on a chilly night. The pair of shoes is designed to alternate a fun color with black, giving the shoes an interesting, summery-autumn kind of look. The best part of these peep toe booties is that it has a wide range of colors available – yellow, tan, red, orange and gray. But because they are peep toes after all, do remind your customers to wear socks, just in case the night gets even colder. You don’t want your customers sacrificing their feet just for fashion.

Boots are best on sale during cooler seasons. This sale is now your chance to buy great shoes for your customers at cheaper prices.

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