Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Footwear Not to Wear to the Office

With so many options in wholesale shoes online available, what should career women wear at the office? Actually, the bigger question is, what should they NOT wear? Varieties of shoes abound, and there are quite a lot of kinds that will definitely not look good when worn in the office.

Here are some of Shoes not to Wear to the Office:

  • Shoes with bows and sparkling embellishments


Why Not: Do you see a bow in your shoe? Does your pair rival the sparkle of disco balls and glitter on a Christmas tree? Then, you cannot definitely wear these pairs to the office! Office footwear should be conservative, and while the modern times have loosened rules on what can be worn or not in the office by a bit (at least, women can now wear pantsuits and men need not wear a jacket the whole time), there is still a very visible line between what is acceptable and what is plain and simple loud.

Bows can be worn on your hair, but on office footwear, that would look too casual. Anything that sparkles and shines too much would give the impression of immaturity, and that’s one image you want to avoid in the office.

What to Wear Instead: If you want something more stylish than just a pair of pumps or flats in one tone, you can have a discreet small ribbon on the shoe. Just make sure the design detail is kept at a minimum and in the same color as the shoe. As for sparkles, simple: N-O.

  • Flip flops

Why Not: If you are in the beach, during the summer or in the tropics, then it’s high time for you to strut in those thong slippers or flip flops. But the thing is, you are not in the tropics, and you are not in the beach. Flop flops do not match any office attire, unless you’re coming to work wearing shorts and a bikini top with a lei and a welcome drink. Save your flip flops for your Hawaiian vacation.

What to Wear Instead: If you want to keep a more casual feel on your office get-up, then wear flats. That’s the most causal; you can get without looking unprofessional.

  • Stilettos


Why Not: Those pointy-heeled shoes do give the wearer at least 4 inches of extra height, but who want to look like they’re wearing a murder weapon in the office? Those shoes don’t only look, but can be very uncomfortable to wear, which should be something career women should avoid. I mean, while it is true that they need to look stylish in the office, they also need to feel comfortable, which is, in fact, the main consideration.Not to mention they make that clicking sound on floors that disturbs everyone at the ofice.

What to Wear Instead: If fashion and professionalism should be balanced, the kind of shoe you should consider from the wholesale shoes inventory would be pumps. Pumps have heels, which give the wearer additional height, but also look professional and powerful, not to mention they look right with power suits and office clothes.

Image source: EtsyCitrine's BlogeBay

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