Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Commandments for Social Media Use for Businesses

Like all other businesses, your wholesale shoes venture could benefit from the hottest thing in the world of online marketing – social media. But there are some rules, actually commandments that you’d need to abide by to keep these platforms on your side. Here are some of them:

Image source: IT Edge News

Thou shalt blog.

Blogging updates information. A new piece of information is always welcome for reactions and comments. These comments are the ones that would make or break your company. Good comments would provide more chances of being known through sharing of your blog. Not updating your blog would let readers forget your store ever existed.  So to protect your company, better have interesting blogs released in a timely manner to make people hungry for more.

Thou shalt create authentic profiles.

There are a lot of fakes online and one must be careful not to be identified as one. Have a site that is credible. Make it look professional. Also showcase your products at their best. If you are selling shoes, then you need to blog about wholesale shoes that would inform customers about your promotions. These are sure ways to let customers know your store is legit.

Thou shalt have a dedicated person or team running your platforms.

Having a dedicated team running the platforms that you have utilized would ensure that the said media are well cared for. Your team would respond to queries and address complaints. They can also deal with any kind of problem that can arise like a server that is down or a site that is not accessible. These technical problems are best handled by experts in the field of social media.

Thou shalt not use social media to fight with anyone, even with trolls.

Fighting does not amount to anything. When you fight online, it would mean that your company would stoop to their very low level. It is better to ignore negative trolls. As for negative comments, try to address the problem and provide suitable explanation that would not out you and your company is a bad light. Explaining your side is good, but never whine nor complain and just stick on how the problem can be solved. Sarcastic and snarky are images that don’t bide well with how your company should be viewed as.

Thou shalt diversify your content being posted on various platforms.

Posting on one platform is not a good idea. This would limit your influence online. Not everyone would be using a particular platform anyway so better choose the social media that have plenty of users. It is better to post in different social media for wider influence than one medium with a limited one plus popularity of social media is unpredictable, one minute it is popular, the next it isn't so to be on the safe side, use different platforms.

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