Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Display Ideas for Stores Selling Wholesale Shoes

Last time, we offered tips on how to create catalogs for online wholesale shoe stores. This week’s post is instead dedicated to offline sellers of wholesale shoes. When starting a wholesale shoes store, it’s important to have creative display ideas to engage customers to buy wholesale shoes. A strategically-planned wholesale shoes display should be eye-catching and functional, making walk-in customers buy wholesale shoes they didn’t plan on buying in the first place. Here are some fun ideas to get you started:

1. Window displays – When choosing a location for your store, pick a shop that has a window facing the street. Windows are a great means to create foot traffic and not utilizing windows is a great waste of space and opportunity. Display the latest arrival of wholesale shoes in windows so customers will notice them when they glance at your shop. Establish eye level from the street and not from inside the display case. Windows should also be maximized to show the inside of your store so make sure not to block the view of the rest of the store. At night, make sure that the display case is well-lit. A low level of lighting should be sufficient without raising the electrical bill.

2. Mannequins – Children may be scared of them but adults certainly appreciate their presence. Mannequins are perfect for wholesale shoes stores because owners can fit wholesale boots or wholesale high heels with absolutely no limitations. Mannequins show how wholesale shoes look on a human form and customers can easily see that without the need to fit a pair or two.

3. Theme displays – Theme displays are perfect for holidays. For example, during spring, display wholesale sandals or wholesale flats in various shades to celebrate the season of colors. With a unified theme, it helps anchor the wholesale shoes you want to sell. Make sure to visit competitor stores to avoid duplicating their themes, if they do have one.

4. Long walks – This is helpful if you have pairs of wholesale shoes you want to sell. The trick is to put cheaper pairs of wholesale shoes in plain sight while putting the hottest wholesale shoes as your frontrunner. Visitors will then need to see these pairs first before getting to their intended item of purchase.

Remember, how you display wholesale shoes in your store reflects the commitment you have to your business and customers. Also, keep in mind that no matter how strategic your displays are, if customers are not treated well, they still won’t buy any goods from you. So, show appreciation, smile and say thank you. It’s the best (and cheapest) way to keep customers coming back for more.

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