Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Calendar Marketing Tips for Wholesale Shoes Distributors

As a wholesale shoes distributor, there are many traditional ways to advertise your products. The goal, however, is to stand out in a sea of other wholesale shoe suppliers. One under utilized advertising tool you can do this with is the calendar. Initially, this will require some significant printing cost and thorough planning but it can be a long term and durable advertising tool. In addition, a calendar is also a functional household item so your customers will feel that you are adding value each time they purchase from you. The idea here is to give away a free calendar for every time they buy wholesale shoes from you. Here are some tips to maximize the use of a calendar for your advertising and marketing campaign.

1. Highlight “important” business dates. Keep your customers informed about your special business activities such as promo dates and launching of newly arrived wholesale shoes items. This will help them incorporate these events into their own schedule. In this way, you can also create a sense of anticipation for your events and your customers will feel more connected to your company.

2. Feature a wholesale shoe item for each month. Choose one item and make it the featured item for the month. Do this for all 12 months. To make it more interesting for your customers, you can offer these items at a discount. Just make sure that each footwear you feature is relevant to the most commonly celebrated event each month. For example, feature wholesale bridal shoes in June and maybe different kinds of red wholesale shoes during the love month.

3. Include coupons. This makes your calendar more valuable and more useful to your customers. Plus, it gives them a sense of exclusivity since only your customers can get calendars. This is a subtle way to boost sales because buyers are more inclined to buy a product with a discounted price tag.

4. Provide useful information. Include shoe care tips as well as fashion ideas. This will ensure that your customers will have more than one reason to look at your calendar. This also makes your calendar something that they will truly look forward to.

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