Tuesday, February 26, 2008

View Springtime Through CERIWholesale.com’s Wholesale Sunglasses Collection

CERIWholesale.com, online distributor of wholesale sunglasses, unveils its new collection of the hippest and hottest styles of wholesale sunglasses for retailers and resellers.

City of Industry, CA (Press Release) February 26, 2008 -- After the somewhat endless chill, now comes what people have been waiting for, spring time. It’s time to keep those winter boots, scarves, heavy lined jackets, mittens and everything else, to keep the cold out and be toasty warm inside. Spring has arrived and with it comes a whole new fashion adventure.

CERIWholesale.com is any retailers’ dream of a one-stop-shop as it offers the latest array of wholesale sunglasses, all in wholesale prices. Featuring the latest designs and up and coming fashion picks, retailers are sure to get the best deals for these wholesale sunglasses, all conveniently under the same roof.

Big Is In

Huge, oversized wholesale sunglasses are still the season’s top pick. Stash up on these pairs as women will still be on the lookout for these eye shields.

Black-White Combination

White frames with dark lenses are making huge fashion waves. Gear up on these wholesale sunglasses as women will definitely be hunting for these fabulous finds.

Vintage Flair

Load up on vintage wholesale sunglasses as the 80’s inspired look is back. Sunglasses with thick and heavy plastic frames will surely be the talk of the town.

Colors and Rhinestones

Bold and rich colors are the top picks for the season. Any embellishment on the frames, like rhinestones, is considered to be hot. Stashing up on wholesale sunglasses in this design will never be a loss for any retailer.

Aviators are Still Hot

Those large, upside-down, teardrop shaped sunglasses from last season are still hot and will remain to be in vogue this year. Stocking up on these aviator wholesale sunglasses will definitely be a wise move for retailers.

CERIWholesale.com, one of the largest online distributors of wholesale sunglasses, is now unveiling its newest line of the trendiest and hippest wholesale sunglasses for the coming spring season. With its constantly updated repertoire of wholesale sunglasses, retailers will surely have a heyday selling to their customers an all new collection of eyewear, at the lowest prices available.

“We always make sure that we offer the latest and trendiest wholesale sunglasses to our retailer partners at unbelievably low prices. We do this because we believe in constantly taking care of our partners by ensuring that they also make a profit with our products,” says Joanne Han, CERIWholesale.com Product Manager.

“By giving retailers more room to mark-up their wares, it’s always a win-win situation for all of us,” ends Joanne.

About CERIWholesale.com

Headquartered in the City of Industry, CA, CERIWholesale.com is a well-established wholesale sunglasses distributor, as well as of shoes, handbags and other fashion accessories. They offer thousands of products, with new items added on a weekly basis. The main purpose of the company is to offer the highest quality wholesale sunglasses and other products at the most competitive prices. CERIWholesale.com is an online distributor of wholesale sunglasses and other fashion products; purchasing of individual items is not available.

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